Moroccan Moroccan Qraqeb $10 OFF

Moroccan Qraqeb $10 OFF

Was $55 you save $10
This instrument is 100% handmade in Morocco from steel. It is in a form of 4 cymbals also called qraqeb or qraqesh. Each pair of the Qraqeb is connected with a ring to keep them together. The cymbals have 2 wholes each through which a string is placed for holding it.

To play these qraqeb:
Each hand holds one pair. You will notice the cords on the qraqeb on both pieces of each hand and on each hand you will notice that one cord is a little longer than the other.. The longer cord works best on the thumb of each hand.. Also out of the other four fingers the index finger doesn't go inside the cord but it stays out to be placed on the dome part of the qraqeb at the same level as the thumb..

This instrument is played along with the Guinbri and or the tbel, a barrel drum with two heads struck with sticks. The Qraqeb are played by the Gnawa of Morocco for entertainment, also during special events and ritual ceremonies. The Gnawa are descendants of migrants and enslaved people from sub-Saharan countries. These Qraqeb are tested and they are fun with pretty much any instrument around!
Size: 9. 1/2L X 4W

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